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WP Optimize Premium – WordPress Plugin

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WP Optimize Premium - Plugin

WP Optimize Premium Cheap | WP Optimize Premium Discount

In state-of-the-art global, velocity is the first phrase and high speed can keep you high in all regions. Seo plugin is likewise available to growth the speed and optimization of the website, however this tool adds a plugin. And it really works. The primary thing is to optimize your site database or your database website. Of direction, these days within the new edition of this plugin, a special feature has been brought to the software version. Follow us to introduce the effective features of the plugin to you.

What features does the WP Optimize Premium plugin provide?

  • Professional database cleaning
  • WordPress optimization plugin
  • Compress large images
  • It will help strengthen SEO.
  • Reduce server resource usage
  • Save cache of site pages
  • Delete unwanted images
  • Lazy loading
  • Quickly view pages for cache storage
  • Clear all unnecessary data from the database
  • Save data while clearing extra tables
  • Display statistics of the number of operations performed
  • Possibility of scheduling to clean the database
  • Active for admin only
  • Display notifications for each operation
  • Cache preload
  • Clear information that has been in the draft for a long time.
  • Delete spam comments from the database
  • Clear content, tabs and… from the Recycle Bin
  • Clear any spam including comments and…
  • Professional image compression

Extra professional features of WP Optimize Premium plugin

It allows you to compress PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP and TIF images and use other useful features. This can help load the page faster and save server resources used by freeing up space significantly
Automatic compression function
Large files can slow down your site. Compress images up to 64 MB
Squeeze all the images on your site at the same time with the push of a button.
WP-Optimize cache statically stores cache from site, thus reducing processing load on the web server.
Ability to activate Gzip

Other Features of WP Optimize Premium Plugin | Advanced WordPress Optimizer

Compresses HTML, JavaScript and CSS to lessen site load time.
Ensures that an optimized page version is usually furnished
Lets in you to save just what you need, regardless of customers’ logins, unique URLs or cookies.
Instructs purchaser browsers to reuse resources (HTML, CSS, JS) if the last request isn’t changed
Optimize any website (or combination of web sites) in WordPress Multisite or your community

Select from advanced options together with the potential to optimize tables and… a number of alternatives
Only parts of a web web page which can be seen to the user are loaded, permitting a web page to load a whole lot faster.
Advanced scheduling device for regular routine optimization every time you decide upon
Execute optimization instructions directly at the command line with correct output on the display.

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