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Quform – WordPress Form Builder

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Quform – WordPress Form Builder

Quform – WordPress Form Builder

The just advanced shape builder

If you uses WordPress, require customized types and don’t as losing day and clearly don’t want in conformity with contact someone code then that is the should-have tool for you.

Quform 2 has been addicted a full overhaul! Subsequently we are fine in conformity with existing our imaginative and prescient about the final shape erector because of WordPress. We’ve devoted time in accordance with ensure our plugin want accomplice our customers’ desires, yet deep years on remarks has helped shape the cutting-edge higher-than-ever Quform version.

Thanks because of making an attempt abroad Quform, we attraction ye do not forget that due to you WordPress tasks.

Functionality features

Quform is a sophisticated WordPress plugin so permits thou in keeping with quickly and effects build a couple of types collectively with mixture manage. Whether or not it’s a complicated removal and booking form and just a clean touch shape, Quform goal allow you after feature entire it besides in regard to any code. In a no longer a good deal clicks ye desire endure a absolutely practical shape. It’s a lot simple.

Using the shape forger is instituted clean including drag-and-drop but one-click performance or it’s well suited alongside whole essential browsers. There are alternatives or settings because of the primary person namely well namely due to the fact specialists. There are some distance also dense abilities in imitation of listing them complete right here, and right here are our favorites:

  • New Multi-page forms
  • New Edit entries
  • New Duplicate element
  • New Submit button factor up to expectation can remain moved
  • New Unlimited emails be able stay sent beside a unaccompanied submission
  • New Conditional logic about notifications
  • New Add attachments after notifications
  • New Confirmation regulation logic
  • New RTL support
  • New Labeling dictation because of structure entries
  • New Trash types yet entries
  • New Migrate tool
  • New Performance enhancements
  • New CSRF protection
  • New Fancybox 2 or Magnific Popup supported
  • New Kendo UI Timepicker yet Datepicker
  • New Add heritage images yet icons about Checkbox or Radio elements
  • New Optgroups among the Select yet Multi Select
  • New Side-by-side factors into the shape builder
  • New Column Layout thing because of complex shape layouts
  • New Export entries without delay to a .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .ods yet .html file
  • New 19 protected thing types
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA
  • Create a form without knowing somebody HTML and PHP!
  • Responsive forms
  • Drag and drop form elements
  • Fully translatable
  • Easy after uses user interface
  • View straight form entries inner the WordPress admin
  • Send submitted structure information by email
  • Conditional good judgment according to show/hide fields
  • Dynamically set shape values from the URL
  • File uploads, despatched as attachments and deposited in accordance with the server (or both)
  • Preview whilst building
  • File upload progress
  • Conditionally engage recipients based on structure values
  • Save structure information in imitation of a customized database table
  • 6 optionally available filters according to reach undesirable straight data
  • 15 non-obligatory validators in conformity with require precise records from the user
  • Import/export forms throughout websites
  • Prevent junk mail with three CAPTCHA options: honeypot, photograph and reCAPTCHA
  • Plenty concerning assist or support
  • Fully well matched along WordPress 4.5 yet another (4.9.x compatible)


  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Email
  • Select menu
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio buttons
  • Multi-select
  • File upload
  • Date
  • Time
  • Name
  • Password
  • HTML
  • Hidden
  • Captcha
  • ReCaptcha
  • Submit button
  • Groups
  • Column layouts

Styling features

Making thy form look great

Not solely does the Quform bust greatness regarding the functionality, it be able at all without difficulty edit thy structure look sizeable too. Quform has a special form theming system. You execute usage some about our themes, create you own theme yet utilizes vile peoples’ object designs.

For the greater advanced user, ye wish not stay disenchanted together with the flexibility of the Quform’s styling features. You can have quantity monitoring concerning thy shape sketch yet even are lots of format choices and thou execute drink that as like a long way namely ye like.

  • 11 themes included
  • Pre-built Bootstrap theme
  • Create you own themes
  • 11 button styles
  • 3 label layouts
  • Loads about loaders
  • Cool button animations
  • Easily modify shape colors
  • Easily regulate element sizes
  • Add customized gadget focused CSS
  • Add custom training to elements
  • File upload dropzone
  • Includes FontAwesome
  • Responsive columns
  • Various radio then checkbox styles
  • Select2 more desirable multi-select and select
  • qTip2 tooltips including 12 included styles
  • Group elements according to separate sections or because layout
  • Unique identifiers redact such effortless after manipulate an element
  • Customize colorings including a color picker

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