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Host WordPress Germany 160 Gig Yearly

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tickUnmetered traffic (Unlimited GB)

tickUnlimited Websites

tick160 GB NVMe Storage

tickFree Weekly Backups

tickUnlimited Parked domains

tickUnlimited Subdomains per account

tickFull DNS Editor

tickManaged WordPress

tickWordPress acceleration

tickWordPress multisite


tickUnlimited  GB email storage

tickUnlimited email mailboxes

tickUnlimited email aliases

tickUnlimited  Forwarders

tickEnterprise Virus scanner

tickEnterprise SPAM filter

tickWebMail Access


tickFree SSL

tickFree Domain

tickFree Email

tickOptimized for WordPress

tick40 Active Processes

tick20 Entry Processes

tick400 000 Inodes

tickUnlimited Cronjobs

tickAuto Script Installer

tickUsage Monitoring and Statistics

tickAutomated Scaling suggestions

tickGIT support

tickSSH Access

tickAccess Management

tick99.9% Uptime Guarantee

tickUnlimited FTP accounts

tick20 minutes average issue resolution time

tick24/7/365 chat and email service

tickKnowledge Base



tickCustom Email Filters

tickUnlimited databases

tickUnlimited  database size

tickUnlimited MySQL backup size

tickUnlimited MySQL connections

tickUnlimited MB MySQL import size

tickUnlimited MB MySQL packet size

tick300 seconds MySQL statement time

tick15 MySQL user connections

tick60 seconds MySQL query time



tick10 MB/s I/O

tick128 IOPS

tick1 CPU Core

tick2 GB RAM

tick6 datacenter locations

tickDynamic PHP limits

tickSpecial offers for Fiverr services

tickFAQ Database


Get acquainted with Market WordPress Linux hosting …

Linux web hosting is the most popular web hosting platform that offers the features that most web designers use. cPanel is the most popular Linux web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface for accessing various hosting features. Linux web hosting is suitable for hosting websites designed with PHP language and MySQL database. A variety of features such as creating e-mail, connecting multiple domains to a website, and hosting on NVMe / SSD high-speed hard drives are just some of the features of Linux web hosting.

host wordpress


Safe and fast storage with RAID5

Raid 5 configuration, which has one of the most advanced functions among the various Raid architectures, requires at least three drives. In Raid5, when a drive crashes, the system can recover lost data, in other words, it can withstand the failure of a drive. Also, due to the distribution of data on different disks, it increases the read speed of the disk up to 2 times of each disk. Therefore, using RAID 5 while increasing the security of your website information, will double the loading speed of your websites.

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High Speed Light Speed Web Server

LightSpeed is a leading web server with high performance and scalability. It is 5 to 10 times faster when delivering static content than traditional Apache web server and up to 50% faster when delivering PHP content. This web server is one of the most popular web servers on the Internet. LiteSpeed is fully compatible with all common Apache features including htaccess, mod_rewrite and Apache kernel modules!

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NVMe high speed hard drives

In fact, NVMe is a technology for SSDs that makes it possible to use PCIe buses for SSDs. Therefore, NVMe drives are about 5 times faster than SSD drives and about 12 times faster than HDD drives. We use all NVMe servers to speed up your website, very fast…

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Ultimate WordPress speed with LSCache

Thanks to the use of LightSpeed web server, it is possible to use LSCache and its WordPress plugin.

Server-level optimization and cache of pages (LSCache)
Optimize images and CSS and JavaScript code
Database optimization
Browser-level optimization and cache

host wordpress


Free SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is required for a website to support HTTPS and communicate securely with the recipient. Google considers HTTPS enabled to enhance online security and privacy. Because of this, websites that use SSL encryption will improve their search engine rankings. Although our recommendation is to purchase commercial SSL, we have provided free SSL‌ certification for you to ensure the security of your website.

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Popular cPanel control panel

C Panel is the most popular commercial web hosting control panel for better management of Linux hosts, which has many features and a very efficient user interface.

Features that C-Panel provides include full Linux web hosting, powerful file manager, multiple PHP versions, full email management, and backup management.

host wordpress

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