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Hide My WP – Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress

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Hide My WP - Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress

Hide My WP Plugin | Security plugin

From the WordPress security plugin series in the WordPress plugin section, this time we want to surprise you with the  plugin. This security plugin has unique capabilities that can keep you safe from attacks by bots and hackers. One of the main functions of the Hide My WP security enhancement plugin is that it enables you to hide your WordPress site from attackers, thus significantly protecting you from attacks. Then join us to introduce you to one of the ways to increase site security (hiding WordPress).

Hide My WP - Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress

Hide My WP

Hide My WP Ghost Lite is a WordPress Security plugin. You do change yet cover WordPress common paths or URLs to will increase your WP Security towards hacker’s bots.

Protect your WordPress internet site by way of concealment the authentication paths as wp-admin and wp-login then change the common WordPress paths like wp-content, wp-includes, uploads then more.

Hide My WP - Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress

What are the features of Hide My WP plugin?

  • Change sensitive WordPress links
  • No folders or files will be moved from their default path.
  • Access to sensitive WordPress files is cut off.

Hide My WP - Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress

Hide wp-login.php

  • This is the login path to WordPress: EX.com/wp-login.php
  • Did not find the link above? Because instead of the link above, we have applied this link .: EX / wp-
  • login.php? Hide_my_wp = 1234

Change and hide wp-admin in security plugin

  • Did not find? EX.com/wp-admin
  • Because we changed the login link: EX.com/my-admin

Rename templates, template information and anything that will reveal shell information

  • Redirect important template files such as style.css
  • Redirect template / main.css in WordPress template

Hide My WP - Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress

Hide My WP Ghost Lite Security Features:

  • Hide WordPress wp-admin URL or redirect that to 404 page or a customized page
  • Hide WordPress wp-login.php and redirect such in conformity with 404 web page then a customized page
  • Change the wp-admin then wp-login URLs
  • Change misplaced password URL
  • Change register URL
  • Change logout URL
  • Change admin-ajax URL
  • Change wp-content URL
  • Change wp-includes URL
  • Change comments URL
  • Change author URL
  • Change plugins URL
  • Change themes URL
  • Change category URL
  • Change tags URL
  • Hide WordPress HTML comments
  • Hide Version or WordPress Tags
  • Brute Force with Math Captcha
  • Backup and Restore settings
  • Fix blood relation URLs
  • Remove customized text from HTML code
  • Cache CSS, JS and Images to optimize the loading speed
  • Weekly security test yet reports

Hide My WP | Hide My WP  WordPress plugin |Hide My WP  plugin

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