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Gravity Forms – WordPress plugin

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Gravity Forms - WordPress Plugin

Gravity Forms

Creating a form in WordPress sites always becomes one of the problems of site administrators and along the way, it faces many problems. In this tutorial, we are going to introduce the Plugin  to you new WordPress lovers so that we can add the maximum form to our site using the Gravity Form Builder. Gravity WordPress Form Builder plugin has many features and it is safe to say that if you use other Plugin  you will not need other form builder plugins.

Gravity Forms - WordPress Plugin | buy gravity forms discount

Form designing is much easier with the WordPress Form Gravity plugin, and you can simply drag and drop the forms you want to prepare in the best way and display it on your site with a shortcode. Forms that are prepared with Gravity Forms plugin will be able to connect to all Iranian interfaces and direct ports, and this unique feature can be seen only in Gravity Form plugin.

ravity Forms | Gravity Forms   WordPress plugin | Gravity Forms  plugin

What are the features of Gravity Forms Professional plugin?

  • It is possible to connect the Gravity Forms plugin to all banking portals.
  • With this possibility, if you create a form that requires payment, the user can easily connect to the portal and pay.
  • It has dozens of different tools for creating forms with the Gravity Form plugin
  • Advanced and efficient features for each field
  • Has a professional settings panel for the Gravity Format WordPress plugin
  • Has a security code captcha code to prevent spam
  • Professional settings panel for each of the created forms

Unique Features of Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin

  • Ability to restrict incoming messages by users by day or month
  • Ability to limit the time period for displaying the form
  • By doing this, you can specify when the created form starts to show and on what date it ends.
  • Types of standard and advanced form builder fields
  • Has more than 30 professional fields
  • Has conditional logic for each of the created fields
  • Ability to notify via email address with Gravity Form plugin
  • Upload files with any extension by submitting a form
  • Ability to save draft forms and complete and submit the form at another time
  • Prevent any spam
  • Fully professional and responsive with a variety of displays
  • Integration with MailChimp, PayPal, Stripe, Highrise, Freshbooks, Dropbox plugins
  • Complete package of Iranian maker Gravity Persian form
  • Translate Gravity Form plugins and extensions

Gravity Forms - WordPress Plugin | buy gravity forms discount

Why Gravity Form Builder is the best WordPress form?

  • Management and forms
  • Compatible with all provinces
  • Compatible with all cities
  • Prerequisites and the core of payment gateways
  • Compatible with the unit
  • Functional snippets used
  • Create multi-page forms
  • Multi-step forms
  • Ability to import all created forms
  • Form layout
  • Ability to determine the placement of the submission form
  • Activate save and continue
  • And hundreds of other unique features
  • Ability to export and use forms on another site

Gravity Forms - WordPress Plugin | buy gravity forms discount

WordPress Plugin Add-ons

  •  add-on published in the new WordPress:
  • add-on Styles Pro Plugin – add-on Beautification Add-on
  • 65 Important and professional additives add-onComplete pack of add-ons related to Gravity Form plugin for WordPress
  • Gravity View Plugin | View and edit the information contained in Gravity Form
  • Gravity Flow Plugin | Ability to automate the process of add-on
  • WordPress add-on Product Add-ons | Connect and use Gravity Forms in WooCommerce
  • add-on Quiz Addon | Gravity Forms Test Builder Plugin
  • Gravity Perks WordPress Plugin | Gravity Perks plugins for Gravity Forms
  • Coming Soon ….

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gravity Forms | Gravity Forms   WordPress plugin | Gravity Forms  plugin

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