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Bookly PRO – Appointment Booking and Scheduling + Bookly Pro Add-on Plugin

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Bookly PRO + Bookly Pro Add-on Plugin

Introducing the Bookly Pro Plugin

Ly Bookly seasoned plugin is the first-class and nice-selling WordPress codecanyon reserving plugin with almost 43,000 income. Buckley lets in you to effortlessly proportion your work shifts with your users. Personal capabilities of Bukli plugin in conjunction with a simple consumer interface, has made it smooth for Iranian customers to apply this plugin. You can effortlessly upload a booking application on your website online with the WordPress reserving plugin without the need for registration.

Simplify Appointment Scheduling Process with Bookly Pro

Bookly pro is the great reserving plugin for WordPress web sites (purchaser’s words – no longer ours). The technique of booking appointments is absolutely customizable for your customers. It’s anywhere from 2 to 6 smooth Steps. Here’s a walkthrough of the user enjoy inside the popular 6-Step scheduling manner.
This piece touches on accessories, and focuses extra on the same old reserving plugin. Take a look at out our accessories and the deeper customization alternatives they offer.

What is Bookly Pro?

Bookly seasoned is an add-on which requires the Bookly plugin for WordPress websites. With Bookly, your clients could make bookings for provider proper on your website. No need for time-consuming cellphone calls or face-to-face conferences.

In step with many reviews, Bookly is the first-class reserving plugin for WP. It’s a completely unique reserving system this is under constant development to stay on pinnacle. Our programmers never stop working to meet your requests and worries.

So in case you’re prepared to automate booking in your (or your purchaser’s) website, Bookly may be the appointment software you’re searching out.

Bookly Booking Plugin Features

  • Fully responsive and viewable on mobile and desktop and any other standard size
  • Ability to filter lists in the admin area for easier search as well as CSV output
  • Ability to import clients in Excel CSV
  • Define as many employees as you need, along with defining the right price and time for the same employee
  • restrictions on service insertion as well as color definition to better display services in the main calendar
  • A small CRM (customer relationship management) to better communicate with customers and purchase statistics and record notes for them
  • Define variable patterns for sending various emails and short messages (SMS) according to the status of the appointment
  • Connect to Google Calendar to view booked appointments on employee phones and to remind you of early bookings (You must have a Google Cloud account to change Google policies.)
  • Has Zarrinpal and payment gateways and Mellat payment directly and indirect payment gateways through WooCommerce
  • Ability to receive and view reports of users’ payments and confirm payment of users in person
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Supports 13 languages
  • Calendars for the management section as well as the prophecy booking section by the user – the best booking you have ever seen
  • Using a direct SMS system such as MelliPayamak, Faraz Osmas (IPPanel), Pars Green and Kavehnegar
  • Use SMS service to successfully send SMS
  • Ability to customize the reservation form custom
  • Ability to define holidays for the site itself
  • Ability to define the time of a service as 15 minutes or a few hours or a few days or a week and…
  • Ability to define holidays for each employee separately
  • View bookings on the calendar on a monthly and weekly basis with employee filtering and color scheduling services
  • Book an appointment without the need for registration or registration offer (possibility of registration or forced entry through the User Acces s Restriction Plugin)
  • Possibility to define rest time for employees or break for lunch or service time
  • Add two user groups, one for managing the entire buckle and the other for viewing appointments and registering appointments and managing customers and payments
  • Ability to inform the customer and employees and manage via SMS and email based on booking status
  • Ability to create a description for each service and display it to the user when booking
  • Ability to define multiple people to register reservations and view reservations
  • Possibility to cancel the reservation along with creating a time condition for cancellation
  • Cancel reservation by user
  • View registered user reservations for the user and cancel any of them
  • Send SMS to management and employees and customers according to booking status
  • Ability to send a birthday SMS or a booking reminder (date of birth will be received in AD)
  • Ability to announce a change in the status of a reservation to the customer and employee and management (such as cancellation or change of reservation)
  • Ability to limit customer reservations in certain periods. For example, there should be a reservation option only once per month, or only once a month or every year
  • Book sessions online and send Zoom session links to users
  • Allow users to make reservations from future days, for example, users will be able to make reservations from the next two days.
  • Ability to display the start and end time of the reservation – suitable for pool reservation and chance change
  • Ability to edit the date format in the title of the slots
  • Mobile number validation
  • Ability to display booking hours next to the calendar
  • Convenient support
  • Record payments with user information for easier tracking of payments
  • Ability to display the Gregorian calendar for multilingual sites
  • Possibility of group reservation individually or family and group

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