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Astra Pro Addon – Plugin WordPress

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Astra Pro Addon - Plugin

Astra Pro Addon

Astra Pro Addon is premium a plugin so extends functionalities between the Astra theme. The core theme is clean, stooping or mean to offer solely purposes so championship of our customers would need. While Astra Pro Addon affords in addition customization choices and mean features.

Astra Pro Addon - Plugin

Dedicated features to save time

Get powerful WordPress design features without the hassle and hassle. The time you save shows the value of this product!

Build professional websites faster, easier and better than ever before.

Maximum flexibility:

Web design

With different types of site layouts, Astra Pro allows you to design websites that fit your needs and the services you provide.

Use any fonts you like:

Better typography
With over 800 Google fonts added to the list and a number of typography options, you can be sure that the best typography is on your website.

Astra Pro Addon - Plugin

Adjust each section of the site with colors and backgrounds:

With Astra Pro you can manage the colors and backgrounds of any part of your website. This plugin helps you to have complete control to manage every part of your site with high accuracy.

Content in style

Blog design:
Create a beautiful blog with countless types of layouts. Make a better impression on your audience by combining content with popular and fashionable designs.

Headline designs:
Astra Pro provides you with a variety of headers. Now place a headline above and below the main title, or make it transparent or sticky as needed.

Header sticker
Content under the headline
Top content of the headline
Transparent headline (transparent)
Flexible footnote design:
Astra Pro is also used for footnotes! You can choose a design to add the number of columns that your website best needs.

A column
Two columns
Five columns
Diverse layouts
LifterLMS integration:
Astra + LifterLMS integration lets your website be the best host for online learning for students. Astra ensures that you have complete design freedom to set everything up on your website.

Features like checkout page, distraction free learning, conversion oriented allow you to create a targeted website that focuses on learning.

LearnDash integration:

Astra + LearnDash integration makes it easy to create and design a beautiful website for an online course. Astra offers several design options and features that focus on providing a better learning experience.

Want to create a distraction free and conversion oriented website for your next online course with LearnDash? Combine it with the Astra and get the many settings you want that will help you do just that.

Astra Pro Addon - Plugin WordPress

Use your brand:

White label
With Astra Pro you can get complete credibility in building and designing a website. You can show yourself with the Astra using the white label feature.

Amazing features:

With Astra you can create interactive Mega Menue that are user-friendly and attractive.

More headlines:
You can choose from a variety of headlines, a headline, a transparent header, or something else.

Distance control:
Manage spaces in designs and modules to create a beautiful, readable website.

Designer in WooCommerce:
Astra is the best WordPress template for fast and perfect build in WooCommerce Store.

Footer widgets:
You can choose from a variety of footer designs or add your own widgets to make it more attractive.

hook and filters:
Hooks and filters let you set everything up on one website.

Page titles:
Add and adjust top, bottom and top headings on your web pages.

5 star support:
Having a special group of designers

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